Class L Heavy Duty Connectors

LEX TM3 Systems Commercial Connectors (not QPL’d) or other currently QPL’d Mil-DTL-22992 manufacture available. The Class L heavy duty connectors are the largest size cylindricals, highly suitable for industrial or military applications, and designed to meet the demands of heavy power interconnections. The design features of this connector series provide:
  • Greatest Capacitycurrent ranges 40 to 200 amps, conductor sizes 6 to 4/0
  • Safety complete protection of personnel and equipment if connectors are inadvertently disconnected under load
  • Foolproof Mating design incorporates specific voltage, current, frequency, phase and grounding requirements
  • Standardization Class L insert arrangements specify connector/cable combinations for maximum reliability
  • Serviceable Contacts are normally crimped to the cable before connector assembly. No insertion tools required. Bushings are available to adapt smaller diameter wires to larger contacts
Class L connectors are available in the specific configurations prescribed for either military or industrial applications. This rigid configuration control assures correct interconnection of electrical circuits for maximum safety and reliability. Controlled parameters include:


Wall mount and cable connecting receptacles are supplied with socket contacts only and always lead from the power source. Plugs (with coupling rings) have pin contacts only and always lead to the equipment end.


The direct relationship of shell size to current carrying capability reduces the possibility of inadequate wiring for heavy electrical loads.
Shel Size Currenting Rating (Amperes) Contact
28 40 6
32 60 4
44 100 1/0
52 200 4/0


Four positions of the main keyway are used to discriminate between the following power sources: two wire D.C. two wire single phase A.C. three wire single phase A.C. four wire three phase A.C.


When carrying alternating current (A.C.), different angular rotations of the insert within the connector shell are used to distinguish between 60 Hertz and 400 Hertz circuits.


  • Arc quenching design
  • Programmed coupling sequence
  • Waterproof design
  • Rugged construction
  • Accessories

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